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As a democratically-run co-operative, members are also owners and directors.

There are currently seven of us.


Jake B.B.

Pat D.

Dan G.

Stacy H.

Tucker J.

Tony M.

Danny W.


We also have several friends with whom we collaborate.

Jacob holds a doctorate in political science and public policy, as well as a master’s degree in architecture. He is an Affiliated Faculty at the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University. In his academic research, he studies the evolution of social norms and institutions, especially those related to matters of morality and justice. He is a frequent consultant to, and field researcher for, international development and governance agencies, usually in conflict or post-conflict settings. He is the Founding Designer at Terran Robotics, a startup that uses artificial intelligence and flying robots to build houses out of mud. Despite his best efforts, he is---like pretty much everyone today---a shill for the Market System. He’s working on it. PhD, MArch


A lifelong appetite for houses, communities, and traditions led Patrick to architecture school. Patrick is a taleteller and a listener, a chronicler of the accounts that designers have the opportunity to share. In 2016 Patrick graduated from Marquette University with a degree in corporate communication. While at Marquette, he worked alongside Mellon Fellow Dr. Louise Cainkar and researched the architecture of mosques in a midwestern urban context. Shortly after graduation, he enrolled alongside the inaugural class at Indiana University's J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program in Columbus, Indiana. He spent summers interning at studios Hendricks Churchill in Sharon, Connecticut, and Brent Buck Architects in Brooklyn, New York. His capstone concentrating on funerary architecture won JIMAP's Outstanding Design Award for Architecture in 2021. Patrick is a contributing editor to Madame Architect and the communication and public relations lead at Multistudio. MArch


Dan holds a Masters of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Indiana University Bloomington. He also has a LEED Green Associate Accreditation and is currently working towards his Revit Certified Professional certification. Before pursuing his master’s in architecture, Dan worked in retail design for three years in the Cincinnati area for Interbrand Design Forum. After receiving his Masters, Dan taught two sections of Digital Architectural Drawing for his alma mater while working as a designer for Loren Wood Builders; a design-build firm based in Bloomington, Indiana. He now works for Louis Joyner Architect, a small firm based in Columbus, Indiana and plans to pursue his licensure both as an Interior Designer and Architect. Whenever he’s not panicking over some insignificant deadline, he spends time sketching, rollerblading, playing video games, traveling, and hanging out with friends. MArch


Stacy has experience in commercial and residential design and is presently working towards becoming a licensed Architect and Interior Designer. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Indiana University (IU). During an apprenticeship at IU’s Architect’s Office, she worked on university buildings and commercial projects. Stacy received a master’s degree in Architecture from IU’s newfound J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program. Post graduate school, she returned to her alma mater to teach an Interior Architectural Design Studio while working for Louis Joyner Architect, an architecture firm based in Columbus, IN that focuses on historic preservation, commercial and residential design. Currently, Stacy is an Architectural Designer for White Pine Local, LLC, an interior design firm local to the Bloomington/Southern Indiana region, focusing on commercial and residential design. In addition to Architecture and Interior Design, Stacy has a background in Studio Art, specifically drawing and painting, with people being one of her favorite subjects, she enjoys portraiture. MArch


Tucker is a project designer at Loren Wood Builders, a design-build firm in Bloomington, Indiana. The bulk of his work experience is residential. Tucker holds a Masters of Architecture degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management, both from Indiana University Bloomington. After apprenticing for a tiny house builder and participating in an architecture program at Harvard University during the undergraduate summer of 2016, he decided to pursue a career at Loren Wood Builders as a carpenter in 2017. This inspired him to go back to school for architecture, graduating in 2021. Besides architecture, he is also interested in land management and food systems, holding a permaculture certificate from Midwest Permaculture. MArch


In addition to his training in architecture, Anthony holds a PhD in computational linguistics. He also has a background in fine art, particularly drawing and painting. Between 2012 and 2018, he had three art exhibitions at the John Waldron Center for the Arts in Bloomington, Indiana. He graduated with his Master of Architecture degree in 2021. He is proficient in Revit, AutoCAD, and has gained expertise in architectural rendering--both digital and manual. His architectural designs are informed both by artistic intuition and a linguist’s penchant for analysis. PhD, MArch


Daniel was an M.Arch founding scholar of Indiana University’s architecture program. He was a monitor in the fabrication shop and designed two independent study courses on the topic of autonomous earthen construction. He is the owner and founder of HGTV featured Carpenter Owl, a design-build construction company that specializes in the use of natural materials to make small, healthy structures. He is CDO of Terran Robotics and is designing a load bearing earthen house to serve as a proof of concept. Prior to Carpenter Owl and Terran Robotics, Daniel was the primary author on a planned unit development (PUD) proposal to rezone a property as an ecovillage in Bloomington, IN. This proposal has been cited as a pocket neighborhood precedent by the city.



A cooperative organizer and facilitator who helped us get off the ground. Nathan founded Housing By People, where he helps groups of people take shared control over places central to their lives, especially their housing. Typically, this means he helps groups to (i) learn how to self-govern collectively, (ii) create co-operatively run, legally recognized enterprises, and (iii) secure premises to realize their vision. CONTACT


A founding member of Design Anarchy Co-operative. CONTACT


Our lawyer and registered agent who helped us incorporate. Tonya's passion for people and equity are the driving forces behind my practice. We are committed to practicing law in a way that is accessible for people who have historically been excluded from access to legal services. We make the law more accessible through equity adjusted pricing and providing education as a cornerstone of all our services. When she's not practicing law, you can find me spending time with my partner, trail running, practicing yoga, cross stitching, or reading science fiction and fantasy novels. CONTACT


Our recurring collaborator, Nick founded Chestnut Development, which arose from three things: a love of architecture, a desire to make it accessible to everyone, and an empty lot. The realization of these ideas finds its home in Columbus, Indiana, a city known for its architecture and public art. The homes we choose to create invoke the ideas of Columbus' most well known names and are designed to optimize multiple facets of an entire homestead package. Energy efficiency, livable space, and affordability all combine into unique visions that are guaranteed to spark discussion from inside out. CONTACT

Please feel free to contact individual member-owners directly, or you can reach use via this contact form.

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