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We only take projects that are in keeping with our mission. We treat each project as one to be designed collaboratively with current or future occupants of a space, with an aim that the space be flexible enough to outlast---while also advance---their immediate objectives.


Multi-family Construction

Cooperative Repurposing

Historic Renovation

Density Consultation

Material Experimentation

Getting Weird With It



A multi-family project with Chestnut Development. One ADA-compliant abode adjoining one multi-story abode, with an ADU for increased density. Successful variance applications for smaller building footprints, permeable landscaping, and common-sense setbacks addressing neighbors on this corner lot. Permitted and priced.


Addition to a historic property, amongst the oldest standing houses in Bloomington, IN, once part of the underground railroad. Additions included a garage, office, loft, bathroom, and bedroom. The final design required Historic Preservation Council approval. Under construction.

opt2_persp_SE low_edited.jpg

OFFICE et al.

A commercial warehouse and office for a solar panel installation company, Whole Sun Development. This project features passive environmental design, daylighting, cutting edge mechanical systems, and large segments of earthen construction. Currently in permitting.

2022-09-04_WholeSun - Elevation - Elevation 3b - Presentation WEBSITE.jpg


A 3D printed garage and office for a private home, also serving as a showcase for a 3D printing construction startup. Still in design phase, with permitting soon to start.

3D printed garage_revit render_S perspective.png


A collaboration with Chestnut Development to bring density, communal space, and affordable housing to Columbus, IN's architecturally significant downtown area. We helped codify the design philosophy and parameters undergirding the overall project, and laid out the initial distribution and look of the seven houses to be built. Final execution will be a collaboration with addtional architects and homeowners. Variances and financing in the works.

Render 1_Aerial sketch_edited.jpg


Design consultations and renderings for automated earthen-construction company and frequent collaborators Terran Robotics. Projects include Habitat for Humanity home, hypothetical single and multi-family residences, as well as commercial and city-scale projects

Render 4 - cropped_edited.png


Design consultations for housing co-ops in the UK with our frequent collaborators at Housing By People. These are often old Georgian single family homes being converted into communal houses.

26 Palmerston_floor plan_poche_2 floors.jpg
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